Nümph Nuberry Trui


Opengewerkte top van Nümph:

  • lange mouwen
  • mooie rouches aan de mouwen
  • opstaand kraagje
  • knoopje achterzijd

Samenstelling: 60% viscose – 40% katoen

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This Danish womenswear brand combines sleek Scandinavian style with a touch of the whimsical, to create collections that add effortless dynamism to any wardrobe. An elegant blouse, an everyday coat, or a pair of well-cut trousers; Nümph deliver elevated wardrobe essentials time after time. The brand’s aesthetic is a tale of two halves, straddling the extremes for the perfect balance of the strong and the vulnerable, the whimsical and the exact, the dreamy and the down-to-earth. Lightweight prints, textural knitwear and considered outerwear can all be combined for a layered Nümph look, whilst a considered curation of accessories is on hand to complement the brand’s appealing and wearable aesthetic.


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